CeeOn 912

ImagenceCeeOn 912Intra-ocular lens (IOL)

Imagence often works with ophtalmologists and labs, to present intra-ocular lenses, in this case.
Some of the company’s movies got prizes from ophtalmology congresses in the USA.

Title sceneSurgeryShiftingEye

The movie shows how the obscured crystalline lens is taken away and replaced by the IOL.
The IOL has a lens and two arms to keep it in place. If it slips from the center of the eye, the vision is blurred.

MaterialRotation 1GalaxyRotation 2

We then use particle drawings to emphasize how the new material allows for better resistance to the various stresses the deformations or ageing of the eye put on the IOL.


Title scene: 160×120 Quicktime movie (570 Kb)