North Winter photos

I took these photos in Jersey in December 96. The weather was very cold but very clear, and the winter light was wonderful.

This stay in Jersey made me discover a place close to where I live, yet different. There, almost all the street names are in French, and the people are British. It’s a very nice mix to all Anglophile French people, and vice versa, I guess.
(Unfortunately, Jersey is also a tax haven where a lot of money gets laundered…)

It all began with a sunrise seen through the porthole of the car-ferry.

Then we shopped in St Hélier, the main town, and started going around the island. There are many different landscapes, each coast has a different type.

MontorgueilGorey sunset North & east

The northern coast is rocky, similar to some parts of Brittany.

On the eastern side, facing Normandy, is the Montorgueil casle, and the little harbour of Gorey.

WestSouth South & west

The western coast is a long beach bounded by two rocky headlands, the southern one ending with a lighthouse.

Sunset In the southwest, there is a nice creek (St Breladre’s). Around there, you might find a pub, The Smuggler’s Inn, where you can have a pint and eat delicious food.


Almost as it had started, this trip ended with a sunset over Gorey and the harbour of St Hélier.