Concrete silo Trignac

This was the subject of my architecture diploma:

Tangle I studied a wasteland in Trignac, (close to the harbour of Saint-Nazaire, on the Loire).

It’s what’s left of an abandonned steelmill.
If you click on the photos or links, you’ll discover an unmapped maze of photos, panoramas and writings I gathered in this place.

I focused this study on the feelings I get while walking in abandonned factories, what they mean to me, the beauty I feel coming out of gloom and decay.

Labyrinth Then, I imagined what could happen there, which link could be established, apart from a memory, a museum.

From the symbol of the disappearance of industry, from a place that is scary and gives you vertigo, I imagined a game site.

3D ModellingGame

A game that could really be played here, and a simulation game which could be accessed on the net. The “real” game was meant to be played in the factory and in a new labyrinth, the “real” players meeting the “virtual” ones through computers.

The old factory, which used to produce matter, would have been a link towards the virtual world, a place that produces nothing tangible.