Night PhotographerNight Photographer Dot Com, a night photo gallery…
Illuminating the Shadows of the Night In search of Stunning Nocturnal Imagery.

Botany photo of the dayBotany photo of the day is a University of British Columbia Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research daily feature. It presents extremely beautiful plant photos, often macro, along with interesting stories and hints.

Au fond de l’écranAu fond de l’écran, ocean-themed desktop wallpaper.

John Welsh is a professional photographer, he has very interesting people and places (Iceland) photos to show you, with very beautiful skies.

Urban exploration, about exploring the cities backsides, caves and factories.

Photo GalleryPieryv’s Photo Gallery allows you to discover various photographs’ work.

Nuits des Docks, a site with nice photos of Saint-Nazaire harbour at night.

Le Laouen, a personal website with Brittany photos.


Les papillons de FranceLes papillons de France (Butterflies of France), a nice photo gallery which is very useful when I need to identify the butterflies I take photos of.

Bandes dessinées

UrbicandeUrbicande’s site, a site about the universe of the Obscure Cities, a series of cartoons by Schuiten and Peeters about a sister planet of Earth.

The Obscure Cities’ fans have also created very interesting sites, like Alex Willem’s The Office of Obscure Passages., a web site about Hayao Miyazaki’s work, full of details about all his movies and those of the Ghibli studio.


Gilles TranGilles Tran’s site Oyonale, including the Book of Beginnings.
This "PovRay Master" has many wonderful images to show you, and stories to tell.

Morgan Reitz’s web site, with superb 3D images, very beautiful lighting and sounds…

Pink Pig PageThe pinkest web page is the Pink Pig Page.
All you ever wanted to know about pigs, and cool graphics.


Yann KersaleYann Kersalé, the lighting artist, or time-master, who lit Saint-Nazaire harbour.

Franck and SophieFranck and Sophie’s page.
Their web site is about artistic and graphic creation. Sophie (another Sophie) sculpts and paints, Franck has html knowledge to share.

Edouard Martinet’s web site, the friend of a friend who creates sculptures with salvaged scrap and junk.


MagnatuneMagnatune is a very interesting not evil music company. They have music in lots of different genres, you can listen to the full tracks before buying, choose the format you buy, you get to set your price and the artists get half the price you pay. I’ve bought their rock collection on a usb key and my favourite artists include Brad Sucks, Jade Leary and Fluid.

MC FrontalotMC Frontalot is my favourite Nerdcore Hip-Hop artist.


Skyscraperpage, a site about skyscrapers, with nice diagrams of the tallest buildings of the world.

A web site about contemporary architecture.


SticksoftwareSticksoftware, “anti-productivity tools for the discerning user”, a Mac Os X shareware editor. The Fracture screensaver will produce superb images (check the gallery on the web site), and Trisection is a game which could get you occupied for a few hours.

Delta TaoHere are the people who created a game on which I have spent hours: Spaceward Ho!
Their name is Delta Tao Software.


Ouvaton is a cooperative web hosting service, they were hosting some of my web sites and I want to promote this service.

Writing htmlWhen I started, I learnt html there… Writing Html was a very good tutorial.

Useful LinksLiens utiles, means useful links, and the webmaster’s personal selection of web sites.

Miscellaneous Kitchen Alchemy, my friend Petrina’s cooking-oriented blog.

You are around Rennes, and need calm and relaxation? Visit the website, and taste a massage, it’s fantastic.

Kew Gardens official website Victorian links is a web site dedicated to the Victorian period, and has links about industry referring to the Wasteland part of this site, and another link to the Kew gardens glasshouse page.

It runs in the family? Here’s a little page I made for Calvados du Père Louis.

Another family affair, the web site, with an interesting illustrated explanation for those who can’t find their files in computer hard disks.

Please let me know if you find any of these links broken.