TheBorg The Borg

An image to celebrate the announcement that Google wants to organise my daily life.

M. Chat M. Chat icon

A macOs X icon of the M. Chat graffiti.

NekoNekoNeko Neko icons

A set of icons for macOs X with a cat (neko) theme, you can download them here, they are featured on the interfacelift web site and were also distributed on the CD of the MacFan magazine (July 2004 issue) in Japan.


Bird…: Inspired by an Hassan Massoudy calligraphy, a text floating on the sea.
IAAMOAC: Wondering what it means?

CalixCeeOnEuro 2002 Corporate movies

Calix, La Poste: Euro 2002 and CeeOn 912: corporate movies created while working for Imagence.

Clearing Landscapes

A clearing in a forest used as navigation in a CD-rom about forests.

UnderworldPlanet A weird coloured planet and an underground pond.

BestiarySnake Animals

A pig for Mon Bestiaire Ordinaire, another Imagence movie, and an Egypt and cartoon inspired snake.

Jobs pagesJobs

Jobs page: images and projects I created for work…


Archive page: dusty old images…

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