La Poste Euro 2002

Euro notesInternal training movie

ImagenceIn 1998, Imagence produced a corporate movie for the French Mail to show that in 2002, Euro wouldn’t be such a big deal…
I worked on 3D images (Lightwave) and matte processing (Boris Effects and Speed Razor). The team included Christian Johan, Morgan Reitz and Magali Rohm.

Title sceneCity settingPost Office 2Post Office 1

After a title scene and a travelling in a street, we enter the post office.

Customers 1Customers 2Euro MascotCustomers 3

The customers use Euros for various purposes and the euro mascot tells us that everything will be easy during currency switch :)


Town: 160×120 Quicktime movie (700 Kb)
Euro mascot: 160×120 Quicktime movie (610 Kb)