A list of my favourite restaurants.

Brest & surroundings

  • Hinoki SushiHinoki Sushi
    A delicious traditional sushi restaurant, selected fish, rice prepared as a treasure, an attention to detail and small superb taste touches. As a bonus, a very pleasant setting.
    Enjoy your meal at the counter to get the chief’s recommandations… (12/05/10)
    6 rue des Onze Martyrs, Brest—Tel: 02 98 43 23 68
    the menu is available on the website
  • Le Potager de Mémé
    A small restaurant with a delicious home-made cuisine, based on organic, seasonal vegetables and local produces. Why not end the meal with a macerated rhum (rhum arrangé)…
    Open for lunch from monday to saturday, and on friday and saturday evening, it’s better to book as there are only a few tables. Take away also available for lunch. (02/23/10)
    44 rue de Lyon, Brest—Tel: 09 51 44 14 78 the menus are available on the website
    Le Potager de Mémé
  • La CormorandièreLa Cormorandière
    A delicious pancake house (one of the best I know), with a view on Trégana beach and the entrance to the Goulet of Brest. All is delicious, and, at dessert time, I can’t resist the call of the cormorandière with apples, salted butter fudge and home-made whipped cream, in a draped pancake… (03/18/06)
    route de Trégana, Locmaria-Plouzané—Tel: 02 98 48 92 53
  • Le Bougainvillier
    A French caribbean restaurant, homemade dishes, using spices finely, in a very nice atmosphere. And rum punches with punch.
    3 rue Ducouëdic, Brest—Tel: 02 98 43 08 72
  • Captain Crêpes
    A good pancake house in a nice setting, with a superb view over the entrance of the Aber Wrac’h. It’s safer to book.
    Port, 16 route des Anges, Landéda—Tél : 02 98 04 82 03
  • Le Saint Ex
    A pancake house and a restaurant, with excellent dishes (fish, seafood and meat), the desserts are up to the main dishes. The restaurant has a new owner and a above all a new chef, will certainly live on a little due to its fame, but isn’t worth a visit anymore. (12/05/10)
    Le Saint Ex - Scallops salad
  • Cab Sushi Bar
    A sushi bar in Brest, with perfectly fresh fish and seafood, and creativity, delicious! Rather expensive but it’s justified, the best sushi I’ve ever tasted. Also a caterer, I haven’t tested that yet. This restaurant is now closed (12/05/10)


  • Le Fruitier
    A very fine, delicious and inventive cuisine, for a red restaurant along the quais. The menu is frequently updated. Desserts are available in the afternoon, and the restaurant only opens in the evening for groups who book in advance. (12/30/04)
    77 avenue Aristide Briand, Rennes—Tel: 02 99 63 19 26
  • Mama ï
    A bar and restaurant which makes for a very good lunch place, with tartines (oven-baked bread leaves with delicious ingredients), salads, and daily specials. (12/30/04)
    10 rue Dupont des Loges, Rennes—Tel: 02 99 30 42 02
  • FujiLe Fuji
    “The” Japanese restaurant in Rennes. The sushi are superb, all the dishes I tasted were excellent. No booking for lunch, just be there early, the bento (several small dishes served in a lacquer box) are a good way to discover Japanese cuisine. For diner, booking is essential. (12/30/04)
    4 rue de Derval, Rennes—Tel: 02 99 38 12 00
  • Le NeufLe Neuf
    If you liked Le Bocal, which now has a different owner, you’ll find its previous staff and cuisine at Le Neuf, a bigger restaurant with a very nice decoration, the cuisine is as delicious as is was at Le Bocal. It’s better to book. (02/24/07)
    9 rue Émile Souvestre, Rennes—Tel: 02 99 30 84 25
  • Le chat pitre
    A medieval restaurant. Sweet and sour tastes, chef’s casserole (as much as you can eat), big common table in an old timber-frame house downtown. With minstrels to entertain you during the meal. I think this restaurant has a new theme. (12/05/10)
    18 rue du chapitre, Rennes—Tel: 02 99 30 36 36
  • Le mandarin
    Chinese restaurant, very fine cuisine, beautiful setting. The owner might tell you a tale in the middle of your diner. (12/30/04)
    4 place de Bretagne, Rennes—Tel: 02 99 67 60 00
  • La fontaine aux perles
    A classic restaurant, one of the best reputations in Rennes, and they deserve it. The chef knows how to ravish your taste buds, from appetizers to dessert. The wine list is impressive, it’s a restaurant where you should prepare for an expensive bill. (12/30/04)
    Manoir de la poterie, 96 rue de la Poterie, Rennes—Tel: 02 99 53 90 90
  • La pampa
    Mexican restaurant, with a very nice decoration, the dishes are very good, the daily specials full of invention. Booking recommended, but I think the owner has changed and the restaurant is not what it used to be. Another good memory, then. (02/23/10)
  • Le Ninano
    A corean restaurant, a cuisine you don’t often get the opportunity to taste, it’s better if you like a bit of garlic. To discover, I recommend dishes like bibimbap (rice, eggs and vegetables), or bulgogi (marinated beef cooked on your table). Kimchi is spicy cabbage, you can try, I like it. This restaurant is now closed (12/05/10)


  • Hallam’s waterfront
    A restaurant whose strong points are seafood and the wine list. You can taste the local lobster, called crayfish. A marine setting on the pontoon of Launceston harbour. Very far away from France, but if you happen to be travelling there… (12/30/04)
    13 park street, Launceston, Tasmanie—Tel: 03 6334 0554
  • Harry’s café de wheels
    Not really a restaurant, a wagon between a street and the sea, they serve you meat pies with mashed potatoes or green peas. Very fortifying, not gastronomic at all, but tasty! (12/30/04)
    Woolloomooloo, Sydney, New South Wales
  • Salt
    A very chic restaurant, a designer decoration, but above all very good, very fine dishes created by a synthesis of asian and european influences. Their wine list held delicious surprises. Now it’s closed, and remains a very nice memory. (12/30/04)
    229 Darlinghurst road, Sydney, New South Wales—Tel: (61) 2 9327 6088