Photos brought back from a visit to Copenhagen. Even if it’s not too warm there in March, the long week-end was mainly devoted to being outside, cycling to get a look of the city, and I took few photos. This city is a paradise for urban bikers.

SpireSpire Spires

Several spires feature in the skyline of the city, like in the Christiansborg palace, or the spiral spire of the Børsen building, and the tower of the town hall.

Dragon This last building includes a nice red brick bow-window, and, at its feet, strange green copper creatures. I also found a dragon on a streetlight.


There are very beautiful coloured facades, like these in the Nyhavn harbour.

PassageOchre facade Another ochre facade, some of it washed away, with closed shutters, and a very nordic gable.
Downtown, behind a wrought iron gate, a passage links two streets, its roof is vaulted.

Amalienborg palaceControl tower Harbour

The city is cut in two by an inlet, and the sea is very present. There are sea buses used as city public transportation, ships moored in front of the buildings, and close to the center is this harbour control tower.

Mast rigging towerSailboat On one side is the city center, on the other old docklands, many in disuse or being converted into offices.
A three-masts sailboat is moored not too far away from an old mast rigging tower.

Carlsberg brewery

As I like industrial sites (and beer), the Carslberg brewery visit was tempting. It is a huge complex of buildings from various periods, mostly made of red brick.

ElephantArchway The 1901 entrance is spectacular, starting with a double circular stone vault, through which you discover elephants carrying a building! After you have recovered from this surprise, you can turn back and check the other side of the rounded vaults, made of brick and featuring the Jacobsen dynasty (the founders of the brand) above them.

You then enter the factory by itself, the visit is interesting, explaning the brewing process and Carslberg history (a pionneer of brewing dating back to 1842), featuring old machines, the delivery and publicity horses team of the factory, and ends with free beer at the factory pub.