Opera HouseOpera House Opera House

The Opera House of Sydney, from the architect Jorn Utzon, is the postcard from the city. It’s even more beautiful at night, glistening after a shower, or in a ray of sun.

Opera HouseOpera House Its beige hulls lined with tiles and glazed towards the harbour make it a very special building, its appearance changing according to the viewing angle.

Harbour Bridge Harbour Bridge

Linking the north and south of the city, opened in 1932, the Harbour Bridge is a very beautiful and balanced iron archway, nicknamed the “coathanger”.

Harbour BridgeHarbour Bridge and Opera From the Botanical Gardens, you can see these two icons together, at sunset or by night.

You can visit the bridge, climb the stairs in one of the two pylons, and check its width (49 m): it is the widest bridge in the world. Ships and ferries go under towards the Parramatta river.

Under the Harbour BridgeUnder the Harbour BridgeHarbour Bridge and Opera Coming back from a harbour cruise, sun rays light the bridge. Ferries also travel under the bridge, and you can walk under it close to the pillars.

Harbour Bridge seen from Darling Harbour Once you have gone under the bridge, you see the other side, seen from Darling Harbour.

Harbour Bridge shadowHarbour Bridge walkway From the Rocks, staircases lead to the bridge walkway, in the afternoon the shadow of the bridge is visible on the water.

Circular QuayCircular Quay Circular Quay

Between the Opera and the Bridge, Circular Quay is the public transports node. Ferries, buses and trains leave from here. Enjoy the ferry rides!

CBD at nightCircular Quay In the background, the skyscrapers of the CBD are illuminated by night, you can enjoy the view from a revolving restaurant.

Under the Bridge, the Rocks has lots of old warehouses and a replica of the Bounty is moored.

Archibald Fountain Hyde Park

It is a green garden among the skyscrapers. North of the garden, Archibald Fountain is playing with the light.

The fountain is at the foot of Center Point, the city’s viewpoint and revolving restaurant.

Downtown The city

The downtown in Sydney is a vertical maze of skyscrapers, and around it are some very pleasant neighbourhoods, like Paddington, reputed for its terrace houses.