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“Photos: Graffiti” subsection

Graffiti photos:

A blue washed out graph and coloured effects based on it.

A sad girl, her teary eyes and paint texture.

The “M. Chat” graffiti: In the Colombier in Rennes.
In Nantes on the cours des 50 otages, the Place du port Communeau and the Îlot Boucherie.
At the crossing of rue de Rennes and boulevard Raspail in Paris.
In Paris Montparnasse railway station: on an end of quay palisade, on another palisade on the quay (blurred photo - sharp photo), a series of details of these two graffitis, and on the wall on arrival (near misses and a full shot).
Close to the saint Martin canal in Paris.
On an elevator in Nantes, on a palisade in Geneva, on a sidewalk in Bourges and on the piazza of the Pompidou center.

The bd du Colombier graffiti in Rennes: Movement, a cyber-cow, science-fiction images, vegetation, a character and the signature.

A black cat for a restaurant sign.

A graffiti on a cycling lane.

A boy with a helmet and his freckles. Another monochrome version.

A grunting monster. Another green one.

In Brest: the face of Guy Fawkes on a staircase.

In Brest harbour: a guitar player, including details. A manga graffiti. Texts and a cartoon character in a bunker.

Stenciled creepy-crawlies.

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