Australia diary

Narita2 - Narita temples

March 23, 2003

Narita temples entrance “Narita temple” is in fact a park in which many temples are situated. It gives the feeling that the main occupation of the place consists in building a main temple, then moving it away to build a new bigger main temple. Some of them are extremely beautiful, monks sing there in a toneless voice, on a background of kodo drums and bells, very nice…

Great Pagoda of PeaceAfter a big walk among the temples and in the park, we gave in to the enterprising restaurant-touting ladies, who wait on their doorstep and say “Irasshaimase” to make you get inside, and we entered the Chrysanthemum-house. We ate very well, Fred got very good sashimi and I got good tempura too, with miso soup and rice.

This made Fred bold enough to try and purchase perfumed biscuits, just to see… we found them to be “grilled pig” flavoured. Not good. Other ones with seeds on them were better but still soft, not crunchy at all. You’ve got to fall in tourist traps from time to time (this was clearly a plot, some locals made a show of eating them and finding them delicious).

We just had to take the train back (meaning finding the station back), we did it! Stop at the right station (easy, there was only one!). And then wait for the place in the airport, there are roof terraces for plane-viewing.

FlyingIn a shop, I found plush totoros!!! And a cat bus!!!

March 23, 2003

Afterwards, flight to Sydney, stuck beside the screen in the front row… And when we arrive, it’s all rainy.

  • Big cliff-hanger 1: do the Australians still let the nasty Frenchies in? (We had followed the start of Gulf War 2 during the flight)
  • Answer 1: yes.
  • Big cliff-hanger 2: Did the luggage fly to Honolulu?
  • Answer 2: no, it is in Sydney indeed, maybe slightly shaken, but truly here.
  • Big cliff-hanger 3: what will the customs say about our food?
  • Answer 3: it’s ok, except for the salmon pâté, phew !

Petrina is here, time for the grand reunion! Then on to her flat. A good shower (we really need it) and we leave for downtown.