Uluru & Kata Tjuta

UluruUluruUluru Uluru

Seen from the plane or on the ground, Uluru is a red rock emerging from the desert. Its English name is Ayers Rock, it’s attracting lots of tourists like me, coming to view the sunset.

But Uluru is first of all a sacred place for the aboriginals. They read stories in its landscape, and tell them if you take time to listen.

If you want to start discovering, I would advise you to read books like The songlines by Bruce Chatwin, and Arthur Upfield books.

Kata Tjuta gorgeOrange and blue Kata Tjuta

Also emerging from the flat ground, Kata Tjuta is a group of hills named the Olgas in English. While Uluru is one enormous rock, Kata Tjuta is made of boulders held together by a red “cement”, so erosion has cut gorges between the hills.

You can walk a long time among these hills, and discover the flora and fauna of this desert which is all but barren.

The orange and red colours are very strong in the sun.