Botanic Garden Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney are an oasis of greenery next to downtown, just behind the Opera. I love the notice encouraging to walk on the grass, which should put to shame all French parks.

Paradise bird Although my visit took place at the beginning of winter, I caught the last bird of paradise flowers.

All the plants are rather exuberant, like this huge fig tree, the place you would like to build a hut in.

Fern house The fern house shows the scale of ferns when they are happy, and its architecture is very interesting too.

The tours of the gardens guided by loving botanists are extremely interesting, focusing on native plants and Australian botanists history.

Gum tree Gum tree

Koala’s favourite food is king of the Blue Mountains, but it is also present on the red background of the desert.

Root Sydney harbour

In Sydney’s gardens and parks, I met this wild tree root, in a park facing the bay, and a lush banana tree, next to a museum.

Red flowers Red desert

The red desert is red and green… it was winter, so I even got a few drops of rain.

Red flowers against a blue sky, and a dead tree also makes a weird geometry before the sky.

Sheoak fruitSheoak Tasmania

The sheoaks are shrubs and they produce a spiny fruit.