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“Photos: Nocturnal” subsection

Nocturnal photos:


Photos of the Saint-Nazaire harbour at night:

Views of the harbour lit at night, with light beams on silos, buildings, cranes, ships and bridges, and the submarine base with the submarine Espadon in its lock.

The refinery of Donges with its torches and fumes, a gaz cargo stopping at night, and Saint-Nazaire bridge over the Loire. A moonlit sky, and some night fishing.

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

Rennes “by night”, with the embankments of the Vilaine river, photos of the full and very big moon.
Rennes’ railway station at night, with the tracks, a passing VFT, the city lights colouring the clouds.
The Ille-et-Rance canal and the quai de la Prévalaye.
Lights in the tunnel of the subway, faster and faster, motion blur.
A red moon, veiled by the clouds, and Rennes city lights and its fireworks, light rays in the mist.

Paris Hôtel de Ville (town hall), Notre-Dame cathedral (1 - 2). La pyramide du Louvre.

The castle and Recouvrance bridge in Brest.

Light games:
In les Horizons: a yellow trail, colourful lights, blue and white curves, yellow dots. The facade of les Horizons blurred or as a circular pattern. Blurred city lights.
In Perros–Guirec harbour (1 - 2).
At Christmas in Le Touquet: (1 - 2).

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