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“Photos: Skies” subsection

Photos of skies:

Dawn, blue, violet, orange or dark skies, a sunset. Rainbows: 1 - 2. A sun halo. A cloudy sky, and clouds creating sun rays: 1 - 2 - 3. The sun casting the shadow of a cloud.

Clouds hiding the sun, leaving a patch of blue sky. A naked tree and white clouds, a sunrise over the highway. Clouds in a windy sky. Golden clouds on an Opal coast beach. Clouds in line at sunset. A virga under a cloud. Comb-like clouds. An irregular cloud layer. Dark clouds and light above Brest harbour, wispy clouds above Recouvrance. An undulating cloud, a tree and a sunset, a red setting sun. The equinox sunset on the quais in Rennes.

A sunrise seen from above: (1 - 2), a veil of red clouds, the sky falling: (1 - 2), a white sky.

A sunrise shot while cycling to work, another while driving. A sunrise in Douarnenez bay, another under gale clouds.

A Zeppelin airship and a Beluga cargo plane at the Le Bourget air show.

The moon by day.

Seen from my window

Pink and orange white horses, a sunset, a blue, white and yellow sky and the sun under the clouds, a radiating sunset, a blue tinged storm (1 - 2 - 3), another sunset, a white to grey cloud, a red sun.
A beaming sunset shot at various stages: (1, 2, 3, 4).
A very red or orange sunset, a grey sky tinted with orange, a yellow sunset, an orange crescent, the reflection of a sunrise, a red and violet sunset, with a panoramic view, a detail of its colours, and of Rennes’ skyline.
The moon rises behind the Belvédère building. The sun lands on the horizon, emerges under a cloud.

Seen from my window—2

Rennes downtown and the sunset lights that colour it. An orange moon. A yellow and grey sunrise, another orange and white one, getting more and more orange.
Summer sunrises (1 - 2), one of them misty.
Autumn sunrises (1 - 2) and the colours of the sky just before sunrise, from blue to pink.
The sun sets in the haze or under the clouds. A rainbow (1 - 2), a panorama at sunrise, a pink sunrise and another misty one.

Seen from my window—3

Above Brest harbour: a pink sunset, a layer of fog (1 - 2), a squall cloud. Light spots and rays above the harbour. Light shining under the fog. Winter sunrise & sunset. The harbour under snow. Clouds on a blue sky background. Colourful sails of ships on a regatta. An orange sunrise. A double rainbow. A dramatic cloudy sunrise, and another with a gradient of colours. An orange sunset. A fog patch in the harbour. At sunrise, lights are turned off and the sun pierces the clouds. Haze lit-up at sunset. Sunrise close to the spring equinox. A pink sunset. La Recouvrance sailing in the harbour. A whale on a mural. A cruise ship in the harbour. Heavy clouds pierced by light produce rainbows. A light & dark sunset. Rain advances under a lit-up storm cloud.

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