Sky photographs come a close second after night shots in my photo album. ;-)

Blue cloudsOrange clouds Clouds

Briton and Norman skies are ever-changing, and the clouds play with the light. They display a wide range of colours, like blue or violet, and burn orange at sunset.

ShadowSun raysStorm Sometimes you feel like if you were gazing at a painting.

I love the way the sun cuts through the clouds, when you can see the sun rays.
At sunset, the sun can also cast the shadow of the clouds in the sky.

SunriseTreeRain Clouds approaching and hiding the sun. A patch of blue sky remains among the white, black and orange clouds.

A naked tree before soft white clouds, and the sun rising over the highway.

Line of cloudsGoldenWindy Wavy clouds in a windy sky. Golden clouds colour a beach on the Opal coast. Clouds in a line above the Goulet in Brest.

Irregular cloud layerComb-like cloudsVirga under a cloud Virga under a cloud above Brest harbour. A comb-like line of clouds. A lit-up irregular cloud layer.

Wispy clouds above Recouvrance bridgeDark clouds above Brest Dark clouds and light above Brest harbour. Wispy clouds above Recouvrance bridge.

Dawn Soft

A sunrise in a misty valley.

Sun haloRainbow Sun and rain play and create rainbows with strong contrasts or faint, but I can assure you there are also sunny cloudless days… And rainbows without rain: a sun halo.

SydneyFalling sky Australian skies

The sky falling down over Sydney. Orange clouds I had never seen before.

A weird white sky over Sydney harbour.

DesertPlane The sunrise seen from the porthole of the plane during my flight to Australia.
The sun rays coming from under the clouds

A veil of red clouds.

Tree and sunsetUndulating cloud Sunset

An undulating cloud over the abandoned hoverport in Boulogne.
A tree standing out against the sunset in Régnéville, a bay in Normandy.

Equinox sunsetSunset A sunset seen from the highway.
An sunset at equinox on the quais of Rennes.

SunriseSunrise Sunrise

A sunrise caught while cycling on the way to work, another while driving to work.

Sunrise before a galeSunrise in Douarnenez A sunrise in Douarnenez. Another one under gale clouds.

BelugaZeppelin Flying objects

Taken during Le Bourget air show, photos featuring a Zeppelin NT airship and the weird Airbus Beluga cargo carrier.

Moon Moon

Trying to catch the moon by day.

Pink and orange white horses Seen from my window

A growing collection of sunsets and skies shot from my Rennes west-facing window.

The sunset playing with white horses to make them pink and orange.

DramaticBlue, white and yellowSunset A typical cloudy sunset, maybe with the help of a little atmospheric pollution…

A blue, white and yellow sky, with plane traces.

The sun reappears in a dramatic way from under wild clouds.

Sun rays sunsetSunsetStorm A sunset with the sun radiating through the clouds.

A storm, with leaded clouds pouring rain over the city, and a strange blue tinge to them.

Another sunset through horizontal clouds.

Sunset beamRed sunBlue sky, white and grey cloud A grey to white cloud and the blue sky, and a red sun setting under the clouds.
First catching my eye with a few beams, a sunset then exploded and then slowly faded away to leave only traces in the sky.

Red sunsetYellow sunsetTinted with orange A very red or orange sunset, depending on the camera I used.
A grey sky tinted with orange.
A yellow sun setting behind clouds.

Orange crescentRed and violet sunsetSunrise reflection A dark cloud leaving a crescent of orange in the sky, the reflection of a sunrise on a building.
A red and violet sunset, roiling, with a panoramic view, a detail of the colours of the sky, and of Rennes’ skyline.

Moon at duskSun under a cloudSun on the horizon At dusk, the moon rises behind the Belvédère building.
At sunset, the red sun lands on the horizon, or emerges behind a blue grey cloud.

The blurred city lights are the last photo of this series, before we move from the flat…

Sunset light Seen from my window—2

…A small move in the same building, facing east, with a view of Rennes downtown and sunrises to replace sunsets. We also get sunset lights on downtown buildings.

White and orange sunriseSunriseOrange moon An orange moon rises.
A grey and yellow misty sunrise. Another orange and white sunrise, with orange dominating as the sun rises.

Summer sunriseMisty sunriseSunriseIn summer, the sun almost rises above a church spire, but the sunrise is sometimes very misty.

Autumn sunriseSunriseIn autumn, the sun rises closer to the cathedral, late enough to allow me to catch the first light of day, sometimes from blue to pink.
Before setting, the sun disappears in the haze.

Haze sunsetRainbowSun under the clouds Before setting, the sun disappears in the haze or under the clouds.
In the rain, a rainbow appears and strengthens once the sun shines.

Panorama A panorama at sunrise.

Pink sunrise A pink sunrise and another misty one.

Seen from my window—3

A much bigger move to Brest, with a harbour view.

FogFogPink sunset There are pink sunsets and early mornings with a layer of fog on the water or on the Espagnols head.

Light raysLight spotsCloudsImpressive clouds roll over the harbour, creating light spots and rays above the water.

SnowWinter sunrise and sunsetFog Sometimes the light shines from under the fog. In winter, sunrises and sunsets are blue, orange and pink. The harbour under the snow is quite an event!

Double rainbowOrange sunriseSailsCloudsRoiling clouds on a blue background. Ships taking part in a regatta. An orange sunrise. A double rainbow.

Orange sunsetGradient sunriseDramatic sunriseA dramatic cloudy sunrise, and another with a gradient of colours. An orange sunset.

Sun piercing the cloudsLights at sunriseFog patchA fog patch drifts over the harbour. At sunrise, lights are turned off and the sun pierces the clouds.

La RecouvranceCoucher de soleil roseEquinox sunriseHaze at sunsetHaze is lit-up at sunset. Sunrise around the spring equinox. A pink sunset. La Recouvrance sails in the harbour.

RainbowsClouds & lightCruise shipWhale muralI can get a glimpse of a whale mural. A cruise ship enters the harbour. Heavy grey clouds pierced by light produce rainbows.

Storm cloudLight & dark sunsetAt sunset, the sky is cut in two by light and dark clouds. Rain advances under a lit-up storm cloud.