Espadon submarineSiloSaint-Nazaire

A harbour magically lit up at night.

Gas tankerDonges refinery Loire–Atlantique

Blade Runner?…
Donges refinery, next to Trignac, with its torches and fumes, is much more beautiful at night.

Donges is also a gas harbour, with gas cargos stopping to deliver gas at night.

Eel fishingSaint-Nazaire BridgeSaint-Nazairebridge is a very long S-shaped bridge, crossing the Loire close to the estuary.

Up on the river, in Nantes, civelle (eel) fishing at night on the Loire consists in catching the very young eels before they leave for the ocean.

Harbour BridgeOpera Sydney

Sydney Opera House seen from a ferry, the lights showing the movement of the ship.

Cars passing by make the Harbour Bridge tremble.

VilaineRennes Rennes by night

The quais of the Vilaine, downtown in Rennes.

The Vilaine again, lit up in Cesson-Sévigné.

Night StreetMoon A moonlit sky.

A lonesome street with the light traces of cars.

Moon It seems the moon can be closer to the Earth, and appear bigger, on certain nights.
Here are photos of such a night in Rennes.

TracksVFTStationClouds A series of shots of the railway station in Rennes and sorting tracks, with the lights of passing trains.

CanalQuaiTunnelTunnel Around the place de Bretagne in Rennes, the Ille-et-Rance canal, and the quai de la Prévalaye by night.
Forward in the subway tunnel, the lights are rather sharp at first, then get blurred but distinct, merge then get scrambled to give a feeling of speed.

MoonFireworksRennes The red moon rises above Rennes, is veiled by the clouds.
The city lights shine yellow and green.
14th of July fireworks explode above the cathedral.

Mist rays In the university, the lights create rays in the mist on a winter evening.

Notre-DameNotre-DameHôtel de Ville Paris

At the back of the Paris Hôtel de Ville (town hall). On the plaza of Notre-Dame and on the archdiocese bridge.

Pyramide du Louvre At the entrance of the Louvre, the lit-up pyramid.

Recouvrance bridgeBrest castle Brest

During a night visit, the Brest castle and the Recouvrance bridge are lit up.

DotsBlueColourfulYellow trail Light games

At the bottom of Les Horizons in Rennes, there are a few shops with neon lights, here are games I played with the camera and these lights: a yellow trail, colourful lines, white and blue curves, or yellow dots.

Lights at sunsetLes Horizons The facade of Les Horizons can be blurred or turned into a circular pattern.
The city lights at sunset can also become lines, and the sky a blur.

Lights in Perros–Guirec harbourLights in Perros–Guirec harbourLights in Perros–Guirec harbour The moon and blurred lines in Perros–Guirec harbour, like fireworks around the ships.

Lights in le Touquet At Christmas in Le Touquet, the illuminations are like a swarm of lights or light ripples.