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Water photos:

Le Pouliguen harbour, building reflections in its still green water, concrete dock reflection, the sea shimmering under the sun.
Le Touquet, another calm beach. The distorted reflection of a harbour light.

The Seine and Marne confluent during a flood, with the Ivry-Charenton bridge, Chinagora and its flooded staircase where a duck paddles by.

Ice bars, Rennes under the snow just before the sun melts it.

Ducey bridge, its arches and their reflection.

The Boulogne-Dover hovercrafts, their approach (1 — 2 — 3), their propeller.

A water elevator, a fountain, water falling down a lock, reflecting trees, falling as a layer, cut by stems, a close-up of a waterfall. Along the Sèvre Niortaise, trees and sun reflections, still water, path along the river. The reflection of a mill, of a paper mill, of a bridge and of a branch. Water drops. Reflections on the canal Saint-Martin. Water splashing in the wake of a ship. Air bubbles in water. The Vilaine in its downtown tunnel.The Longchamps ponds and their waterfall.

Water among the willows, the trees and in a burnt warehouse.

The Loire waking up under the mist: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5, another misty photo and a clear day.

Nantes harbour: 1 - 2 and its sugar factory.

Water cascading in Mortain, in close-up: 1 - 2, among rocks: 1 - 2.

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