Crozon peninsula

South of Brest, the Crozon peninsula is a big peninsula with 3 heads: Espagnols head pointing north towards the city of Brest, Pen Hir head pointing west and Chèvre head pointing south and .

Brest cranes in the mistRoscanvel peninsula

Leaving Brest harbour, the boat lands south of the peninsula, at the end of the Roscanvel bay, avoiding the secrets of the île Longue.

Brest harbour in the mistQuarantine Going up north, the Roscanvel harbour faces the quarantine islands. The shore then gets higher and gives views of the misty harbour.

LighthouseFortCormorandière At the northern point, the Espagnols head, the currents swirl around the Cormorandière rock. The head is fortified, and gives a view of the Portzic lighthouse.

CliffCornouaille headGoulet The coast then goes southeast along the Goulet, with heads and coves hollowed out of the cliffs.

Cornouaille fortCornouaille fortConstructionBunker The cliffs are riddled with bunkers, constructions, and punctuated by forts like the Cornouaille fort, lying low at water level.

WaterCapucins fortCapucins fort The Capucins fort closes the Goulet on the east. It is an island linked to the coast by a bridge over shallow water.

TunnelRustCapucins fort Some of its buildings are crumbling down, the salty air makes metal rust. Tunnels lead to firing scuttles dug in the rock.

BunkerCapucins fort From the sea, you see how the fort is lying on sedimentary tilted rock which give its roof-like shape, and you sail in front of the canon scuttles.

CliffsSail shipSplit rock A nearby rock is split in two by erosion. The fort controls both the entrance to the Goulet and to the Camaret bay. The cliffs hint at geological shudders.

Belle ÉtoileCliffFraternité fort Southwards in the bay, the Fraternité fort also includes a lime kiln, its cliffs are creased and hollow. Camaret harbour shelters an old sailboat.

Pen Hir headTas de Pois seen from the seaTas de Pois seen from the land South of Camaret, the Pen Hir head is a high cliff, with the Tas de Pois dotting the sea. You can sail between some of them.

Southern part of the Crozon peninsula

Bridge of the Dinan castleBridge of the Dinan castleDinan castle The coast of this part of the peninsula features several very beautiful places, like the Dinan castle, with its rock bridge going over water at high tide.

Swirl around Dinan castleDinan castle viewDinan castle is surrounded by splashing and swirling waves, and has a view on the Tas de Pois.

Lostmarc’hLostmarc’hLostmarc’hLostmarc’h The Lostmarc’h head is facing the ocean and includes the remains of an oppidum.
It also has a view on the Tas de Pois.

Lostmarc’hLostmarc’hLostmarc’h On the top of the head, there is a megalithic alignment among heather, birds seem to like it a lot.

Aber islandSt HernotSt Hernot On the Douarnenez bay side of the peninsula, the St Hernot head dives into transparent water.
Aber island is linked to the shore at low tide.

Rusted engineBeached objectRockSmooth stone On the Postolonnec beach, there are interesting rocks and smooth stones, but also an impressive beached object, the engine and rudder of a sunken trawler.