Sailing aboard Lola of Skagen

Photos from trips aboard an old gaffer called Lola of Skagen.

From Belle-Île-en-Mer to Douarnenez

The second leg of a trip from Oléron to Douarnenez. The trip from Oléron to Belle-Île-en-Mer is described in the Europe page.

Mainsail Bay of Biscay

On the evening of the second day, we arrived in view of Belle-Île-en-Mer and moored for a warm starry night.

Northern gannetLighthouseSunrise On the third day’s morning, we go along the southwestern coast of Belle-Île-en-Mer. In the evening, we meet young northern gannets before getting to Groix island.

Étoile MolèneGroix island On the fourth day the weather turned grey and we cruised along Groix island northern shore. In the afternoon we stop in the Glénan islands and joined two other old sailboats.

Pen Duick IIIGrainSunriseThe fifth day we left Bénodet and enjoyed a very beautiful sunrise. We went under sheets of water created by squalls and were overtaken by the sailboat Pen Duick III.

Iroise sea

Camaret cliffÉtoile de France schoonerVieille lighthouseAfter navigating the impressive Raz de Sein, we meet the schooner Étoile de France and sailed to Camaret.

Tas de PoisTas de PoisLion rockOn the sixth day we left Camaret and headed towards the Tas de Pois rocks and the Chèvre cape.


We got to Douarnenez in the afternoon.

Steam boatMomoOn the seventh day we settle in Douarnenez, use Lola’s dinghy Momo to get to the quays and explore, visiting the St Denys, a steam tugboat. Then we enjoy a close view of the small steam-powered boats.

La RecouvranceNotre-Dame des FlotsIn the afternoon we go sailing in Douarnenez bay along with other boats.

La GranvillaiseLa CancalaiseThe eighth day is also spent sailing, enjoying the view of the bisquines La Cancalaise et La Granvillaise.

Jeune ArianeSt Hernot headOn the last day, the sky turns blue and we sail along the coast of the Crozon peninsula then go back to Port-Rhu harbour.

Lola in LorientAround Brittany

We meet up with Lola in Lorient to start sailing around Brittany, headed to Saint-Malo.

Sunlight on LolaOn the first day, we sail in the Glénan islands under big grey clouds interspersed by rays of sunlight.

Common dolphinsCommon dolphinsLesconil sunriseOn the second day, we leave Lesconil harbour at sunrise, then sail west. A pod of common dolphins joins us, swimming along the boat and emerging through bubbles.

Île de Sein lighthouseSein islandAs Sein island gets into view, a whirl of clouds forms above it. We moor in front of the Île de Sein lighthouse before the weather gets rough.

Sein islandSein islandSein island in the fogThe next morning, we wake up in the fog, we explore the island then we leave our mooring, headed for Aber Wrac’h.

The fourth day, the fog doesn’t lift and we stay in Aber Wrac’h harbour, taking time to visit and learn how to scuttle aboard Momo.

Batz islandBatz islandThe next day, we take advantage of a short improvement in the weather to leave Aber Wrac’h, the fog closes on us after we leave and only lifts before we reach Batz island, and we explore it on bicycle.

SunsetSwanWhile cycling down from the lighthouse, we get to a pond with coots, ducks and a swan. We get back to Lola and enjoy a nice evening ending in a sunset over the island.

Sunset on Tréguier riverTréguier riverSept-ÎlesOn the sixth day, we head towards the Sept-Îles archipelago, then we gon on east to the Tréguier river, where we cast anchor and enjoy superb sunset.

Arrival in JerseyCommon chiffchaffAs we head north the next day, a common chiffchaff lands on the boat. We arrive in Jersey and enjoy the sunset.

Saint Aubin’s bayElizabeth castleMulti-storey quayOn the eighth day, we wake up in Saint Helier harbour, observe its multi-storey quays and Elizabeth castle. We decide to move and moor in Saint Aubin’s bay.

Saint-MaloSaint-Servan & DinardGrand Jardin lighthouseOn the last day, we head for Saint-Malo, seing the Grand Jardin lighthouse first. We sail into the Rance river then enter the harbour.