Iroise islands

A discovery of the islands in the Iroise sea, at the western tip of Brittany.


SunsetLighthouse in the fogI travelled to the island by boat, leaving from Brest, on a misty morning. The first day on the island ended in a lovely sunset.

WreckGathering seaweedMorgol islandThe landscapes around the island are superb, ships gather seaweed there. Storms leave wrecks and flotsam on the beaches.

SunsetSea thriftSea thrift bloom close to smooth stones. The sun sets above Molène island and the ocean.


Ouessant (Ushant)MolèneThe coasts of the island alternate between heads, rocky coves, pebble beaches and a few patches of sand, with nice outlooks on Ouessant (Ushant) island to the northwest.

SwallowsSwallowsPeriwinkleOn the foreshore of the island, fish and a periwinkle hide in tidepools. Above the tideline, a flock of swallows hunts insects without flying away from me.

Sunset in MolèneOn another visit to Molène archipelago, we sail between the islands.

Iroise sea lighthouses

Saint-MathieuLe ConquetSeveral lighthouses guide sailors around the northern part of the Iroise sea. Arriving in Le Conquet at sunset, we started on the next morning towards Saint-Mathieu head.

Sky reflected in the waterPierres Noires lighthouseWe then headed west towards the Pierres Noires lighthouse, then north along Molène island, on a quiet sea that reflected the sky.

Nividic lighthouseLa Jument lighthouseLa Jument lighthouseWe were able to approach La Jument lighthouse very close, with a blue or grey sky background. Then we went to see Nividic lighthouse and its destroyed zip-line.

Four lighthouseKereon lighthouseCréac’h lighthouseOn the next day, we saw Créac’h lighthouse from afar, then spent time on Ouessant (Ushant) island. On the last day we went by Kéréon lighthouse and Le Four lighthouse and got back to Le Conquet.

La Jument lighthouse after a series of storms After the storms of the 2013–2014 winter, La Jument lighthouse has been visibly damaged.