Northern Finistère

Waves after a stormArgenton rocks after a stormPenfoul cove North of Brest, the Penfoul cove is a sandy creek on a rocky shore. They are close to Argenton rocks, which I saw pounded by waves after a storm.

Marie-Fernand in Aber Wrac’hThunderstorn in Aber Wrac’hFrom Aber Wrac’h to Brest

Aboard Marie-Fernand, an arrival in Aber Wrac’h during a thunderstorm, the sun comes back once we get into the aber.

Abandoned boats in CamaretFrançois Monique in front of the Tas de PoisSailing with François Monique On the next day, we sail along with François Monique, a renovated boat making its way to Brest for the first time in a long while. We stop in Camaret and observe abandoned boats on the quay. We end up our trip in Brest harbour.

Aber Wrac’h Aber Wrac’h

An aber is a steep-banked estuary in which tides go up. There are several abers in north-ouest Finistère.

Aber Wrac’hThe Aber Wrac’h is one of them, a very beautiful expanse of water, not easy to navigate in, of which I shot two panoramas, one during the day and the second at sunset.

Abandoned shipsMooring It’s a shelter where ships moor securely at sunset, and, further up the Aber, where they rest to rust or be destroyed by the sea.

Île Vierge lighthouse lit-upÎle Vierge lighthouseÎle Vierge lighthouse North of the Aber lies the Île Vierge and its lighthouse. In 2011, the lighthouse was lit-up by Yann Kersalé.

Wrac’h islandStagadon & Île Wrac’h Islands are scattered at the limit between the Aber and the sea, Stagadon and Île Wrac’h are closer to the harbour. I went around Île Wrac’h during a king tide.

Shags on La Malouine towerLa PendanteLa Malouine Further offshore, the la Malouine and la Pendante rocks mark the mouth of the Aber. Cormorants roost on the buoys around them.

SunsetSunset Just at sunset, a spinnaker passes in front the last rays and overtakes them. Another sunset veils the islands and the Île Vierge lighthouse in pink fog.

SunsetSunsetSunsetSunset Another evening, the sun emerges from behind the clouds before setting. It lights up the masts of the boats in the harbour. The sky is set ablaze in orange and the boats get back in line.

Fog patchSail boatSunset A little further inland, a less flamboyant sunset. On a sunny day, an old gaffer enjoys the quiet waters. In the evening, a patch of fog rises above the aber.

Tromenec chapelThe aber is situated in the village of Landéda, where the Tromenec chapel is the only reminder of a rather rambunctious character.

Aber Benoît

Aber Benoît mouthAber Benoît West of Aber Wrac’h, the mouth of Aber Benoît is a favourite of kite surfers, the Aber goes inland between fields and houses.

Sailing in Aber Benoît We sailed in the Aber on a nice afternoon.


Piles of rocks close to the Saint Michel chapelSmooth stones close to the Saint Michel chapel North of the Aber Wrac’h, in Plouguerneau, the sea covers smooth stones in a cove flanked with piles of rocks.

Waves and rocksBig granite bouldersÎle Vierge lighthouseWhile walking along the shore, you can see the Île Vierge lighthouse, get back to big granite boulders and a shoreline full of spray.

Guissény, Kerlouan & Brignogan

PlumesCurnic pondCurnic pond Close to Guissény, Curnic pond welcomes ducks behind curtains of reeds with plumes shining in the sun.

ShellWorn out woodBreakwater In the Tressény bay, in a demolished breakwater, the worn out wood is almost sculpted. Seashells are deposited on the beach.

Traces on the sandEgretCalvary in the fog In Kerlouan, at the end of the bay, fog envelops a calvary, an egret explores the shore. Once the fog has lifted, the tide leaves traces on the sand.

Sunset The sun sets above the mouth of the river.

Brignogan In Brignogan, waves break on the rocks.

Batz island horseBatz island beachBatz islandBatz island

Close to Roscoff, Batz island is a small island with a jagged coast, where draught horses graze meadows by the sea.

Santec dunesSantec forest Santec

Southeast of Batz, the state forest of Santec has dunes covered with beachgrass on its edges.

Great cairn of Barnenez Great cairn of Barnenez

On a peninsula of the Morlaix bay, the great cairn of Barnenez is a megalithic burial place.

Chambre funéraireCarrièrePierre empilée It is a pile of stones. It has even been used as a quarry, which allows to see the funerary chambers.